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Kitten Mittens!

I'm Becca, 24. Things you'll find here: Anything videogames(halo, fallout, borderlands, bioshock, skyrim, ect), Airsoft Cats Guns Post apocolyptic stuff Mushy love stuff Personal posts sometimes

Feel free to ask me anything. Hugs!
Sep 28 '14



Japanese Food Porn

the bear all tucked in!!!

Sep 28 '14



Oh Canada, theoriginal10cents

So perfect must visit.

Sep 28 '14


You can’t.

Sep 26 '14

Whatever works I guess… xD


Whatever works I guess… xD

Sep 26 '14

Heck Ya. :3


Heck Ya. :3


Sep 25 '14
Sep 22 '14
Sep 21 '14

Sigh. Our first wedding anniversary but Matt had to work a 24 hour shift so I got to talk to him on the phone for just 6 minutes. :-( I managed to keep myself out of the house and busy all day but now I’m home alone with the damn dog and am rather depressed.

Sep 21 '14







sometimes i miss summer AND THEN THINGS LIKE THESE POP UP

I…I need it. All of it

I always wondered why I like Autumn, but then I remember Orange is my favourite colour…

My body is ready.

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Sep 20 '14


This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.

Sep 20 '14


Concealed Carry Corset. 

Made in the USA

Gone are the days of the bulky hip holster that aren’t made for woman, or the awkward bra holster that bulged in all the wrong places. The Concealed Carry Corset was designed by Dene Adams to comfortably fit a woman’s body so she can feel confident about safely concealing her weapon.

These stylish and innovative compression holsters make carrying a concealed weapon extremely practical and comfortable. A complete change in wardrobe is no longer required in order to carry your sub-compact or micro pistol. The ultra feminine corsets allow woman to holster their gun securely against their body using patent pending technology.

No printing through clothes, Still wear tight shirts.

Carry up to a 1911. Also carry knife, money, wallet or phone.

15% off
Regular Price: $119.00
***** Special Price: $101.15 *****


Sep 17 '14

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Sep 11 '14


The most magnificent Archeress costume I have ever seen.

Sep 9 '14

OK: so, this Dare/ODST armor is  available again!(original transaction fell through)

Same rules as before. Free to whoever wants it except that I ask you to pay shipping which I calculated to be $20 to anywhere in the continental US(due to it’s bulkiness). First person who messages me will get it. 

Costume does need some TLC and is NOT 100% finished. I ran out of time/interest and let it kind of fall to the wayside and I feel bad that it’s just sitting in a box in my basement. 


Hello tumblr friends. I have a question for you. Is anyone interested in this semi finished costume of Dare from halo 3 ODST? Due to lack of time it has been sitting in my closet just taking up space for the past 3 years. At this point, I’m never going to finish it myself but would love to give it to someone who would finish it and enjoy it. All I ask is that you pay shipping. If you are interested please send me a pm.

Sep 9 '14

Guys! Guys! It’s here!!! My beautiful radient, perfect, amazeballs baby is here! GHK G5. Oh my goodness I am so excited. It’s so small and lightweight, but at the same time has more badass kick than my husband’s scar.